Health Care

Health Care

Our nation’s healthcare system needs reform, but a government takeover is not the solution. I strongly opposed, argued against, and voted against this legislation both in the House Ways & Means Committee and on the House floor. Put bluntly, this Administration’s law is costing jobs and stifling economic growth in our nation. This $2.6 trillion legislation includes an unprecedented half-trillion dollar tax increase, including a penalty that will impact nearly half of families with incomes of less than $66,150.

The current composition of the U.S. Senate, coupled with this current Administration, presents significant impediments to efforts that would repeal the healthcare law and keep taxes low. The President who signed the healthcare bill into law has no interest in rolling back this legislation.

The reality is the cost of the President’s healthcare law will continue to rise. My hope is that reasonable Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle will come together and act to improve access, bring down the cost of medical care, and provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Real healthcare reform will lower the cost of care by including medical liability reform, reimporting prescription drugs, and promoting competition by allowing customers to purchase insurance across state lines. These steps would provide consumers with more choices at less cost.

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