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November 6, 2013





November 6, 2013 

Mr. HELLER: Mr. President, I rise today to recognize a true Nevadan, humble servant, and dedicated family man, Wilbur Faiss.  Believed to have been the nation’s oldest-living legislator, Mr. Faiss’s passing is a great loss and his commitment to serving the Silver State will never be forgotten.

Representing Las Vegas, Mr. Faiss served two terms in the Senate from 1976 to 1984.  During his time in the Legislature, he authored two important laws, including one allowing pharmacists to substitute affordable, generic brands in place of name brand drugs, and another to allow seniors to access state parks and campgrounds for free. Mr. Faiss was also a strong advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment in 1977 and has professed that voting in support of that piece of legislation was one of the proudest moments of his life.

On his 100th birthday, Mr. Faiss lent advice from his experience in the Senate, stressing the importance of compromise and a positive outlook, whether in your professional or personal life.  It is clear that he practiced these sensibilities in the Senate and at home. His marriage of 79 years to his late wife, Theresa, is a testament to this philosophy.  In 2012, he and Theresa were recognized as one of the longest married couples in the U.S. 

The citizens of the Silver State were fortunate that such a dedicated and passionate individual called Nevada home.  Mr. Faiss serves as an example for others who hold the role of public office.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his three sons, six grandchildren, five-great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren.  Today, I would ask my colleagues to join me in remembering the life of a devoted Nevadan and honoring his accomplishments. 

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