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(Washington, DC) – United States Senator Dean Heller issued the following statement after President Barack Obama utilized an executive order to unilaterally designate a new national monument south of Mesquite in Clark County, referred to as Gold Butte: 
“I am terribly disappointed with today’s news. For years, I have urged for all new land designations, especially ones in Nevada, to be considered in an open and public Congressional process. Doing so allows for all voices and stakeholders to have an equal opportunity to be heard. Best of all, input from local parties guarantees local needs are addressed. In the future, I will continue to fight for an open process utilizing Congressional support to designate new national monuments,” said Senator Dean Heller.   


Senator Heller’s opposition to unilateral designations of national monuments by executive order dates back years. In 2014, he wrote to President Obama discouraging the use of executive powers to designate this exact national monument. Again in 2016, Senator Heller opposed this designation and cited his success in passing three long-standing Nevada lands bills through an open and public Congressional process garnering bipartisan support.


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