Border Security and Immigration

Border Security and Immigration

America is a nation of immigrants and has greatly benefited from legal immigration. I support reforms that would enable a safe, orderly legal immigration process and discourage undocumented immigration. Congress needs to find sensible, compassionate, and bipartisan solutions to the immigration problem. Those who wish to contribute to our society and economy should have the opportunity to do so, and our legal immigration process should not be overly burdensome to these individuals. That’s why I supported the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Guest workers are an important part of Nevada’s economy. Unfortunately, the businesses that employ seasonal workers have faced more paperwork and bureaucracy for continuing programs they have operated for years. Congress should make sure that businesses and workers who are following the laws are not being penalized for doing so. Enhancing guest worker programs will encourage immigrants and businesses alike to abide by the established legal process. Greater review and oversight of these programs could go far in meeting the economic needs of our state and nation.

Our nation should also focus on enforcing existing immigration law. I support greater border security and the construction of a fence to help secure our borders. Businesses that knowingly break the law and hire undocumented immigrants should be fined. Employers should also have access to effective tools to determine whether a worker is in our country legally and eligible for work.

Economic opportunity is the foundation of the American dream, and my number one priority is to help create jobs and grow the economy. Those who come to this country want a better life for themselves and their children. Undergoing the immigration process helps individuals achieve stable employment, which helps immigrants achieve dreams like homeownership and saving for the future. That’s why I am proud to help Nevadans and their families with navigating the immigration bureaucracy and will continue working to improve our nation’s immigration policies.

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