Job Creation and Economy

Job Creation and the Economy

Small businesses need stability to thrive and create jobs, and that starts with keeping taxes low and controlling government spending. Now it is time for Congress to focus on long-term economic policies that reform the tax code, rein in federal spending, support comprehensive energy policies, and stop overregulation. By doing this we will bolster recovery and provide businesses the certainty they need to create jobs.

Big government is not the answer to fixing our economy. Congress needs to control wasteful spending and shrink the size of government. Adopting pro-growth policies that expand tax relief across the board and allow Americans to keep more of what they earn will lead to job creation and economic prosperity in the future. Capitalism is the foundation of America's prosperity. We should embrace these principles, not run from them.

Housing and Foreclosures

With one of the highest rates of foreclosure in the nation, it is clear most current federal housing programs are not working for Nevada’s homeowners.  Too many Nevadans are still struggling to pay their mortgage, face foreclosure, or have had to short sell their home just to make ends meet.  In order to stabilize the housing market and provide relief to struggling homeowners, policies must not only promote responsible homeownership, but also job creation. 

We need to re-establish a housing market that has long-term stability in which private capital, not the federal government, is the primary source of mortgage financing. Any financial regulatory reform bill in the future should stop taxpayer-funded bailouts, make further reforms to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and help address the struggling housing market.

Foreclosures don’t just affect individuals and families. They have a major impact on neighborhoods and entire communities due to declining property values, unpaid utility bills, and increases in crime. Congress must do everything within its power to fix the housing market because Nevada’s revitalization depends on it. I have proposed a number of ideas that will help families stay in their homes and streamline the short sale process.