Constituent Casework

Need help with a Federal Agency?

Are you having trouble navigating a claim or request through a federal
agency? I know how frustrating it can be, so my staff and I are here to
help. I am honored to be able to assist constituents with the various
situations that arise when dealing with a federal agency. I might be
able to help resolve a problem, get you more information, or provide
resources; in order to do that it will be necessary for you to provide a
consent form:

Privacy Act Consent Form

A Privacy Act Consent Form allows you to release pertinent information and to give my staff access to discuss your situation with the agency. Please print this form, fill it out, sign it, and mail or fax it to one of my Nevada offices. If you have any questions, please feel free to call any of my offices.
Pursuant to Senate Policy, petitions, opinion polls and unsolicited mass electronic communications cannot be initiated by this office for the 60-day period immediately before the date of a primary or general election. Subscribers currently receiving electronic communications from this office who wish to unsubscribe may do so here.