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April 7, 2016

Mr. HELLER: Mr. President, today, I wish to recognize the Community Health Alliance’s Center for Complex Care, which offers innovative and complex health care services to those in need. The advanced health care this facility provides is invaluable to Northern Nevada, bringing an improved quality of life and well-being to those with chronic health conditions.

The Center for Complex Care is the only facility out of several Community Health Alliance Centers located throughout the Truckee Meadows that offers a team-based approach to health care for patients with chronic care conditions. A health care team, consisting of a primary care provider, social worker, care coordinator, psychiatric nurse specialist, medical assistant, clinical pharmacist, and support staff, address both the primary health care and behavioral health care of each patient. This team serves as a singular, collaborative unit in order to make a comprehensive patient assessment. Effective communication within the facility connects the physical, social, and emotional health of patients, creating a better understanding of the patient’s needs. Those leading the way at this Center stand as role models to our local community, demonstrating a genuine concern for improving the health of Nevadans. The Silver State is fortunate to have a facility like this available to our local community.

In addition to the Center for Complex Care, the Community Health Alliance offers a variety of care options, including pediatric care, women’s health care, dental care, behavioral health care, a school-based health center, a supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children, and health care for the homeless. I would like to congratulate this Alliance on recently reaching an important milestone, its 20th anniversary. This achievement is well deserved, and I am grateful to have this significant health care resource available to residents across Northern Nevada.

Those serving at this Center have gone above and beyond to provide high-quality care to Nevadans. Today, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing the Community Health Alliance’s Center for Complex Care for all it does for the Silver State.

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