Notable Nevadans




January 27th, 2012

MR. HELLER: Mr. President, I rise today to bring awareness to an event being hosted in my State this weekend.  The National Handicapping Championship (NHC) will take place on January 27th and 28th at Treasure Island Las Vegas.  Nevada’s economy relies on events such as the NHC, which help to drive business to this great State. This event recognizes the passions and skills of North America’s top handicappers and their contributions to the sport of horse racing.

My home State of Nevada is proud to host the 13th annual NHC and supports the contributions it will make to our local economy. This weekend, the Daily Racing Form/NTRA will honor and reward top industry participants.


Coupled with the tourism industry, gaming is Nevada’s economic backbone, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Gaming and tourism have been critical assets to the economic growth Nevada has experienced and are essential in leading us out of the current recession. 

Las Vegas is a world-class destination unmatched by any other, and I have and will continue working to support policies that will keep Nevada’s gaming industry and economy growing and prosperous.  Travel and tourism are a major part of our state’s economy, attracting millions of visitors every year because of the variety of attractions and entertainment options available. 

Considered the most anticipated tournament in the world for horseplayers, the NHC marks the conclusion of a year-long series of NTRA endorsed tournaments where Thoroughbred racing handicappers wager more than $12 billion each year. In turn, these dollars are put back into the horse industry contributing significantly to this agribusiness’ future growth.

I commend the NTRA for choosing Nevada to host this prestigious event and wish them a successful event this weekend.

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