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April 7, 2016

Mr. HELLER: Mr. President, today, I wish to congratulate University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) Chief of Police Services Adam Garcia on being named Police Director of the Year by the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators. It gives me great pleasure to see him receive this prestigious award after years of hard work within the university system and local community.  


Police Chief Garcia assumed the role of Director at UNR Police Services in 2001. Since then, he has worked to expand both the size and diversity of Police Services and create a safe campus environment where students are engaged with the Department. Police Chief Garcia spearheaded the development of services for public notification in the event of an active shooter or emergency situation, a service critical to ensuring the safety of UNR students. Due to the great success of Police Services, Police Chief Garcia has successfully integrated the Department into a regional partnership, serving an even greater community. His dedication to keeping students across the UNR campus safe is invaluable to our Great State. I am grateful to have someone like Police Chief. Garcia leading this incredibly important Department.

The Police Director of the Year award is given each year to an individual who goes above and beyond to ensure safety on campus, as well as maintaining a professional and healthy relationship between the department and the university it serves. Without a doubt, Police Chief Garcia’s actions warrant only the greatest recognition, including this significant accolade. I am pleased to see Police Chief Garcia recognized on a national level, representing our Great State as role model to other departments.

It is the brave men and women who serve in local police departments that keep our communities safe. These heroes selflessly put their lives on the line every day. I extend my deepest gratitude to Police Chief Garcia for his courageous contributions to students across the UNR campus and to the people of Reno. His sacrifice and courage earn him a place among the outstanding men and women who have valiantly put their lives on the line to benefit others. 

Throughout his tenure with UNR Police Services, Police Chief Garcia has demonstrated professionalism, commitment to excellence, and dedication to the highest standards of UNR Police Services. I am honored by his service and am proud to call him a fellow Nevadan. Today, I ask all of my colleagues to join me in congratulating Police Chief Garcia on receiving this award, and I give my deepest appreciation for all that he has done to ensure safety on the UNR campus. I offer him my best wishes as he continues in his role as Police Chief.

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