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(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) made the following statement on today’s budget votes.  The Senate has gone three years without passing a budget.

“Today’s votes were not a serious effort to pass a budget.  After this charade, our nation is no closer to economic prosperity or addressing our massive national debt.  I have voted on Republican budgets in the past.  It’s no secret where I stand, but every measure brought up for a vote today was meant to fail.  It is past time Members of Congress hold themselves accountable and do the job they were elected to do, not hold meaningless votes designed for nothing more than campaign press releases.  The biggest problem is both sides of the aisle are at fault.  Americans watching this debate witnessed exactly what they’ve come to expect from Washington: Republicans blaming Democrats, Democrats blaming Republicans.  At a time when so many in this great nation are struggling to get by, this is all they can get out of Washington.

“The fact is the budget process was stopped this year, no negotiations have taken place, and no budget has passed the Senate in three years.  Senate leadership is not even trying to get our nation’s financial house in order.  It is not a real debate when only one side is proposing ideas and the other is not.  Today was about political posturing.  The American people are tired of it, and so am I,” said Senator Dean Heller.

Heller sought a vote on the No Budget, No Pay Act (S. 1981) which requires Congress to pass a concurrent budget resolution and related appropriations bills in order to receive pay. Pay is not awarded retroactively if Congress passes a budget after the deadline has passed.  This vote request was rejected by the Senate majority.   



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