Press Releases

(Washington, DC) – Today Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) made the following statement on Nevada’s temporary reprieve from the President’s healthcare law.

“As Obamacare is implemented it is becoming increasingly clear how flawed this law really is. Not only did it cut a half trillion dollars from Medicare impacting thousands of Nevada’s seniors, now the law would have driven health insurers out of our state if a reprieve had not been granted. It is clear that the unique health care needs of individual states were not taken into consideration, and this is why Obamacare will not work for Nevada. This DC bureaucrat-driven healthcare system will only result in limited health care choices and higher costs for Nevadans,” said Heller.

Three states, including Nevada, have been granted medical loss ratio (MLR) related waivers and eight more are currently seeking waivers. Health and Human Services concluded that “there is a reasonable likelihood that immediate implementation of an 80 percent MLR standard may destabilize the Nevada individual [health insurance] market.” Furthermore, “some issuers have suspended writing new business while they reevaluate their market strategy in Nevada.” To date, nearly 3.1 million individuals in plans have been exempted from the health law’s requirements.