Federal Spending and the Deficit

Federal Spending and the Deficit

As our national debt grows, the dollar is weakened and Americans have to work more so they can buy less. Curbing out-of-control spending and balancing the budget should be top priorities for Congress. This government has been on a massive spending spree for too long, and it is time for this reckless behavior to end. As an opponent of the stimulus and the only member of the Nevada delegation to vote against the bailout, I believe it is critical to rein in spending, address the yearly deficits, and get government debt under control.

Congress must immediately start to solve Washington’s out-of-control spending that has led to unprecedented debt and deficits.  For too long, Members of Congress have failed to even pass a basic budget to rein in record spending, which is why I introduced the No Budget, No Pay Act.  This bill would eliminate pay for Members of Congress unless they pass a budget. Cutting wasteful spending, reducing our national debt, and pushing for a Balanced Budget Amendment that will ultimately force Washington to live within its means are top priorities of mine. 

It is time that more than lip service is paid to controlling government spending. Moving forward, Democrats and Republicans must commit to working together so that Congress can better serve the American people by getting Washington’s fiscal house in order.

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