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May 12, 2016

Mr. HELLER: Mr. President, today, I wish to congratulate Carole Vilardo on her retirement after three decades of service to the Great State of Nevada. Ms. Vilardo has gone above and beyond in her role with the Nevada Taxpayers Association (NTA), embodying Nevada’s values of strength and steadfast dedication to improving the Silver State’s tax laws.

Ms. Vilardo began her career with the NTA in 1986 when she was assigned to work on issues including taxes, spending, and business regulation. Prior to this, she owned a retail shop and teamed up with former Nevada State Senator Ann O’Connell in spearheading work to create tougher shoplifting laws in Nevada. These laws were later adopted and became a model to other states. From 1972 to 1986, the two worked as a team to better the State of Nevada by advocating for greater accountability for the Clark County Commission in its actions and decisions.

After joining the NTA, Ms. Vilardo worked for 30 years to maintain unbiased and fair tax laws for the Silver State. Throughout her tenure, Ms. Vilardo was recognized as a tax expert with an unparalleled ability to explain complex issues to those around her. Even with the slightest change in legislation, Ms. Vilardo could explain the direct effects these decisions would have on Nevada’s economy. She was one-of-a-kind, earning the trust of anyone she made contact with. In addition, she served as a true watchdog of Nevada’s spending. Her public service will be sorely missed by our Great State.

After three decades of providing insightful testimony on tax policy and instrumental counsel to those helping shape Nevada’s laws, Ms. Vilardo recently retired. Her legacy throughout the Silver State and at the NTA will continue on for years to come. Ms. Vilardo will continue to be respected for her in-depth knowledge, years of unwavering dedication to our State, and for her ability to create long-lasting and positive relationships throughout Nevada. Her vigilance and determination in creating effective tax policy for our State will not be forgotten.

Ms. Vilardo has demonstrated true commitment to Nevada, exemplifying what it means to fight for the greater good of our Great State. We are lucky to have had someone of such dedication working on behalf of the Silver State. I ask my colleagues and all Nevadans to join me in thanking Ms. Vilardo for her years of service, and I wish her well in all of her future endeavors.