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Amendment Ensures Governors’ Input to Improve Education and Workforce Readiness

(Washington, DC) – Today, U.S. Senators Dean Heller (R-NV) and Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) amendment to the Every Child Achieves Act passed the United States Senate. This amendment requires governors of states to be consulted during the development of a state education plan to improve education and workforce readiness. It also includes a 30-day “shot clock” for a state’s governor to approve the plan before it is submitted to the Secretary of Education. 

“I don’t believe bureaucrats in Washington should dictate what works best for each individual state. That’s why I want to include the viewpoints of governors like Nevada’s Brian Sandoval before an education plan is given the seal of approval. Their input is necessary and brings valued perspectives to strengthening and improving both education and workforce readiness for America’s students. I’d like to thank my colleague Senator Joe Manchin for supporting this bipartisan amendment, which ensures an increased level of collaboration and coordination in order to align state and federal education programs,” said Senator Dean Heller.

“Our country’s economic well-being depends on the quality of the education our children are receiving in the classroom, and we must make improvements that will ensure every student receives a well-rounded education that prepares them for college and career,” Senator Joe Manchin said. “As a former Governor, I understand first-hand the role that our Governors should have in developing an education plan for their state. My amendment with Senator Heller will make sure our Governors are properly consulted and offered the opportunity to provide input on a state education plan for college and workforce readiness, and it will give them time to approve the plan before it is proposed to the Secretary of Education.”


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