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Highlights need to maintain the ability to filibuster in U.S. Senate 


(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) applauded the Nevada delegation for continuing to fight to keep Yucca Mountain closed, despite a clear effort by the House of Representatives to send nuclear waste to Nevada. Today’s vote on an amendment introduced by Rep. Titus (NV-1) marked the second time in two days that the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to allow for the opening of Yucca Mountain.


"Over the past two days, the Nevada delegation, led by Representatives Heck and Titus, has worked hard to stop efforts by Democrats and Republicans to open Yucca Mountain.  It is clear that leaders from both parties are determined to kick-start this project, and now is not the time to disarm the delegation’s efforts. We need all of the tools in our toolbox to keep Yucca closed, including the ability to filibuster in the Senate,” said Senator Dean Heller.


Rep. Titus’s amendment to the annual Energy and Water Appropriations bill strikes a provision in the underlying bill that would prevent funds from being used to close Yucca Mountain.  Rep. Heck also offered a bill yesterday to redirect funds from the Yucca Mountain Project.


Earlier this month, Senator Heller expressed his concern that the proposed changing of the Senate rules on filibuster reform could put the closing of Yucca Mountain in danger.  Other Senators raised the issue on the Senate floor, noting that if minority rights of the Senate are changed or the 60–vote threshold for nominations is removed, then the same principle could apply elsewhere with legislation. Without a 60-vote threshold, the current policies towards Yucca Mountain could be revisited.



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